We at CODE HEADS want to make this forum a fun place to talk and learn about reptiles and amphibians and other PA Wildlife and plants.

All photos are property of the respective owner's.

1) No flaming the poster on any questions
2) No talk of illegal activities, if this happens you will reported to the authorities.
3) No inappropriate photos uploaded in the posts. They can be photos other then reptiles. NO nude pictures or profanity on this forum.
4) No swearing in the forums. You will be warned once, if it happens after that, you will be banned from the entire site.
5) Personal attacks and insults won't be tolerated

Let me make this perfectly clear to all who come to this site.

I do NOT lead or organize Herping trips. The herping photos you see are private friends and family looking for animals to research IN THE WILD (habits, Habitats, behavior, etc) and photo ops. for these reasons.

I will not be a party to herping for sport or collection-so do NOT ask. I will not give any exact locations on specimens in photographs.

I will help you ID animals from Photographs or descriptions. I will even come your house to ID animals (within reasonable distances), but I will NOT take you out to find herps. There are far too many people involved in poaching and commercialization of herps-which is against PA Law, as are "organized" hunts without a permit.

See the PA FABC website for laws and info:

I think that is pretty much it. If you have anything to add please let us know.